We provide PT and small group (4 or less people) as some people prefer this to the bigger groups. The objectives of clients widely vary and we work individually with everyone to identify and establish goals, a pathway to this and a realistic timeframe. Improved lifestyle choices in relation to sleep, relaxation, diet and exercise are all involved to ensure success is achievable and sustainable. Before a client undertakes their first session we undertake a health screening including a questionnaire,weight, height, visceral fat and bodyfat percentage to give us a starting point. However, we encourage clients to focus on enjoying the process of transition as opposed to becoming it’s slave. Our sessions are very popular amongst couples.

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Case Studies



I started with Abe and his team at TRILINE initially at the group sessions.  I had tried various forms of exercise but the commitment to regular sessions and being outdoors have been what really works for me.  I have lost over a stone in weight over the past year, become more toned, stronger, fitter and just feel generally good.  It's been nice when people have commented that I look much slimmer and more energetic than before, further helped by the readily available advice on diet which TRILINE provides.

I sit at a desk all day and have far more energy and none of aches and pains of the sedentary lifestyle I led before.  Training with TRILINE has literally changed my life! It's now part of my routine and miss it hugely if I have to miss a session.  I feel fantastic and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Group Exercise Class, photography by Becky Kerr


I received an email 3 years ago from one of the School Mum’s asking if I’d be interested in joining an outdoor exercise class. I agreed and turned up first thing on the field. After a night of snowfall. I didn’t for one minute expect to do anything remotely physical as the ground was frozen and covered in snow. I couldn’t have been more wrong.!! After an hour of full on hard work using lots of varied equipment I left feeling warm, pink cheeked and energised. I soon learnt to eat my breakfast before TRILINE !

That was the start of my non stop training and I now do early morning Personal Training with Abe or Harry twice a week and often my husband David attends also. Last year I did my first half marathon, not a sedate one either …Hadrian’s Wall and I’m doing another one in April. I feel so full of energy. I rarely miss a session and, in addition to my vastly improved fitness, my body has significantly changed shape / tone for the better.Not only is it hard work, it’s fun and in the most beautiful surroundings which change every time.It’s never boring, sometimes dirty, always sweaty and I am totally hooked. Everyone is really supportive and Abe and Harry will work around any injuries you might have so no excuses! I’m 51 and although I’ve always done some form of exercise, nothing has ever kept me as motivated for 3 years before ! Just try it once and see.