People who do not belong to a sports team or club miss out on a feeling of belonging and camaraderie which is important for so many reasons. Our group TRF sessions bond people quickly as the activities are challenging but fun and also involve a lot of paired and group exercises. Healthy competition is also very much part of the dynamic to ensure everyone is being challenged. We utilise a huge array of equipment and include resistance, athletics, strength over bodyweight (sob), teamsports and much more in the classes to ensure you never get bored. As some people have been attending for over 4 years it’s definitely not a Bootcamp in the sense which many people understand and classes are limited to 24 to ensure the instructor can monitor and assist every participant to help prevent injury and improve the benefits derived from the training.


triline fitness - AlamedaMiddleSchool

Alameda Middle School

School Hall
MK45 2QR

Mondays at 16.45pm (Staff Session)

October to March

    triline fitness - rufus center

    Rufus Centre Fields

    MK45 1AH

    Tuesdays at 19:00pm
    Thursdays at 19:00pm

    Otober to March


      Wrest Park

      Football Pitches
      MK45 4HR

      Tuesdays 17.30 & 18.45pm

      Thursdays 18.45pm

      Fridays at 09:30am

      April to September


        Ampthill Rugby Club

        MK45 2HX

        Saturdays 08:45am



        All year round



          Join us for a single session



          Unlimited monthly memberships or 6 sessions


          CASE STUDIES


          IAIN THOMAS

          Dad your belly is massive, it looks like you're pregnant!" nothing like the honesty of an 8 year old! But it was a fair point well made by Mylo my son. I was a mid forty something, out of shape coach potato and the belly had well and truly got me! Something had to be done and that something turned out to be TRiline. I've been coming now for two years and can honestly say I love it. In the past I'd been down the usual join a gym route, stick it out for a few months and then just loose interest, focus, motivation and not forgetting the loss of money when you naively thought by keeping your membership going, but didn't actually go there, would keep you in shape! Whereas the whole set up of Triline has meant that loss of focus and motivation has not happened. The being part of a group element here has really been key for me, there is a fantastic bunch of people at triline with great instructors, which means each session is varied, engaging, motivational and probably an often overlooked key factor, fun. Being outside as well only adds to that variation. 

          The obvious benefits of coming to triline have been that the belly has gone, I was tipping the scales at 15 and a half stone 2 years ago but now down to 11 and a half stone, and I feel great I have more energy, focus and drive both in family and work life. It's also motivated me to run regularly now, both on a casual basis and competition. But probably the most rewarding benefit has been how my son Mylo has responded to it. He was really keen to be part of the the Triline group when they visited his school for a term this year and on the back of that we are now regularly running together with him starting to enter his first competitive races



          Before I started TRF I’d done a bit of running to keep fit but was getting a little bored and wanted to try something new. I was also drawn to the fact that it’s outside, especially being stuck in an office all day and a firm believer that being out in the fresh air is so up-lifting.

          I have been attending TRILINE (TRF) classes 2 to 3 times a week, for over 5 years and never get bored of it, the classes are varied, fun and allow us to push ourselves to our own abilities. As well as allowing me to keep up my fitness levels, I have been lucky enough to meet a great bunch of people and we laugh a lot – which is as good a tonic as any!

          I can't recommend TRILINE enough, you’ll always come away from a class feeling so pleased you did it!