The TRILINE Fitness Way

We have researched thoroughly in to the earning potential and job satisfaction of fitness instructors and sports coaches. The conclusion is that the model is very finite due to quiet times when prospective clients are at work or schools are closed and that each role in isolation can become repetitive. 

The TRILINE Fitness Model

Our model enables the instructor to have multiple sources of revenue throughout every day, across some very varied activities. This can entail 3 – 4 hours of PT in the morning, schools in the day and more PT / TRF or Touch Rugby in the evenings.

Additionally there are various other projects and the increasingly popular merchandise to sell.Very ambitious individuals can become regional managers and oversee a team of staff.

As our services are unique we offer full training in the component elements of TRILINE Fitness including ; Tikes / Tigers, Teens, TRF, Outdoor PT & Touch Rugby.