Skill, Understand & Fitness

Skill and understanding of the sport in question can often be key to success in it. A lack of overall fitness is also often a major stumbling block to success as unfit participants cannot dictate their involvement levels and instead have to offer what they can within the confines of their fitness levels.This can often be to both their own and team mates detriment.We make keeping fit fun, challenging and rewarding to ensure that those we instruct remain engaged in the process.

Focus and gain the benefit

The sports we work the most with are rugby, football and netball and adapt the  sessions accordingly. In general terms rugby is power based, football is very aerobic and netball is aerial. This does not summarise each sport adequately but provides the startpoint for the structuring of sessions. We’re happy to provide blocks of pre-season and in season fitness training with plans provided for other times to ensure the benefits of what we offer are not wasted. We will enhance the strength, speed, fitness and decision making skills under pressure of the participants with structured programmes to gauge improvement over given timeframes..

Please contact us to organise your free taster session which can be indoors or outside.