TIKES Fitness

This is the entry point of our sports based fitness continuum for ages 4 – 7 years.

Research has established that in any typical 45 minute PE session, under 35% of it is spent undertaking physical activity. If learning a specific sport then this is understandable but children under 8 struggle to understand specific sports and to undertake / execute the skills involved with these. Therefore, the overriding objective of the Tikes sessions are to keep the participants as active as possible. Additionally, the goals are to  :

  • Increase movement proficiency with SAQ type training
  • Develop eye to hand co-ordination through detailed catching skill practices
  • Stimulate teamwork & problem solving skills by working in pairs and teams
  • Enhance overall sports ability through the combining of the various elements


Please contact us to organise your free Tikes taster session which can be indoors or outside. Session plans available on request.